It has been an interesting week with Brutus the bulldog being back home.  He's in his first week of recovery after having TPLO procedure to correct a ruptured CCL.  If you're just joining our journey, CLICK here to get the back story or follow the button below.

Yesterday he started doing something new - pooping.  I mean, he's always gone to the bathroom, but this is different.  This is ... weird?

He's started leaving us little nuggets, if you will, in his crate.  Almost like rabbit turds, but bigger (he's a 60 lb. dog of course).  He isn't even aware that they're sneaking out.   Just perfectly round, little poops.  Because of this, we've been on high alert.  Every time this dog so much as moves around in his crate, we're pulling him out and checking the area for little surprises.

We find one almost EVERY time we check.  It's like this dog is a non-stop machine!  Mind you, we take him outside to use the bathroom multiple times each day and he does go number two while he's out.

The more we read online, the more I'm convinced this is due to some sort of constipation, which is just one of the many side affects that come with the gambit of pills this poor pooch is currently consuming.

We go into the vet today to get laser therapy treatments (and learn more about what they are and how they benefit Brutus as he heals) and hopefully they'll have more insight into our tiny turd issue.

At least we have the comfort of knowing that each day things are getting better.  Hopefully, this poo problem will pass soon, because right now,  when this dog farts (which he does often) we go into panic mode overtime LOL!


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