It baffles me that people still aren't taking this Stay at Home order seriously. If everyone follows this order, maybe, just maybe this will be over soon without the horrible number of casualties they are predicting.

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America
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Everyday, I see groups of people hanging out in the parks, groups of young kids at the playgrounds and families shopping together.

A number of places that are still open as "essential" services are now limiting the number of people in their businesses. Menard's, I think, has a one person per cart rule and no kids.


It's been mentioned before, it's not about you. You can carry this virus for awhile and not realize you are passing it on to others. Just assume you are infected and act accordingly. We all still want to be here when this is over, whenever that may be.

I'm fortunate to still be working, because for some reason I'm considered "essential" (insert chuckle here). Many are laid off or let go from their employment, so now is the time to be extra kind to each other.

On a side note; support your local businesses. Many restaurants and bars are serving take out. The service industry has been hit extra hard and all you can do to help these establishments, would be greatly appreciated.

Be safe, be great and we'll all get through this together.


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