We all know one of those people that can never decide what to order at the drive-thru. I usually get stuck behind one of these people and get frustrated listening to them torture everyone one else, trying to make up their mind as to what they want to eat.

Judging by the lines at St Cloud's Popeye's Restaurant, a lot of people have already sampled the food since they opened awhile back. I, for one, always know exactly what I'll be ordering when I get to the speaker.

Well, say you swing by Popeye's with your significant other and they just can't decide what the want to order.  What do you do?  Popeye's has made it easy for you. Just order Popeye's I Don't Know Meal.

"What are you having, Honey?" and they reply "I don't know".  All you have to do then is order them the I Don't Know Meal.  Problem solved!

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It's not like you get just some random food item laying around the restaurant.  In fact, the I Don't Know Meal is the most popular item on Popeye's menu, their famous chicken sandwich.

If you haven't figured it out by now, this is totally a marketing stunt and it seems to be working because it's all over the internet.  The I Don't Know Meal is only available for a limited time.

Personally, I think every restaurant with a drive-thru should have something similar like a I Can't Decide Meal, Whatever Meal or maybe even a I Can't Make a Fricken' Decision Meal.

This might speed up your trip through the drive-thru and put the "fast" back in fast food.

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