According to the the weather people and they are never wrong, right?  Looks like tomorrow is on pace to be like a Summer day. A crappy Summer day, but a Summer day nonetheless.


Predictions are for temps in the mid to upper 70's with thunderstorms and humidity. Then, in true Minnesota fashion, it drops into the low 30's tomorrow night.

You can't say we don't have variety as far as the weather goes. Temperatures can range one hundred and twenty degrees in either direction.

It's seems it's hardly safe to put away your warm weather attire until we hit the deep freeze.

It also strikes me as funny that 50 degrees in the Spring feels warm but 50 degrees in the Fall is cool.

So, tomorrow, try and enjoy the mid to upper 70's and get one more wear out of those warm weather clothes before we hit a sustained (5 months) of cold and snowy Winter weather.

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