When and if the apocalypse happens, life goes on. That is if you have the money to buy one of these luxury condos that can withstand a nuclear attack and more.

A guy named Larry Hall purchased a retired missile silo in 2008 for $300,000 and converted the silo into condos for people to seek refuge in the event of Armageddon and have cash to burn.

This retired missile silo goes 15 stories underground and is fortified with 8 foot thick concrete walls and will withstand catastrophic events like viral epidemics and nuclear war, have garnered enough interest to sell rather quickly.


The Survivor Condo Project is located in Kansas cost Larry Hall about 20 million and would house roughly a dozen or so families or up to 75 people. It comes complete with self sustaining generators, fisheries, food stores, swimming pool, movie theater, gym, dog park and just about anything else you'd need for 5 years. Each condo sells for around 3 million.

So, save your money or just melt like a normal person.  Check out the video below.

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