This is way overdue, in my opinion. When i was visiting California awhile back, I noticed ads where cannabis outlets were offering free delivery. i thought, I wonder why liquor stores don't do the same. Well, it appears DoorDash is picking up the slack.

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When you think about it, this really does make sense. Say you are at a party or someone's house watching the big game. You've already had some to drink but the drink is running low. You really don't want to get in your car and make a booze run and risk getting a DUI or worse.

No worries, DoorDash to the rescue! Jump on your DoorDash app and the party is on the way. Whatta country, huh?

There are only 20 states where DoorDash is offering alcohol delivery and Minnesota is lucky enough to be one of them.

In a press release on the company's website Director , Alcohol Strategy & Operations at DoorDash, Caitlin Macnamara said "Over the past year, many cities where we operate evolved their legislation in order to permit the delivery of alcohol to residents' homes. Over that time, we worked tirelessly to build a trusted alcohol ordering and delivery experience for merchants, customers, and Dashers. We're committed to providing new earning opportunities for merchants and Dashers, a safe, high-quality experience for customers, and being a responsible leader in compliant alcohol delivery."

Customers using DoorDash's alcohol delivery customers will, of course, need to show a valid I.D. on deliver or customers can also upload a picture of their I.D. through the DoorDash app. The app will automatically blur out all information on your I.D. except the picture and birthdate.

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