Twenty-five lucky Loonatics have won from The Loon to go on the vacation of their dreams, and YOU could be next! Starting today (Yes, TODAY September 5th, 2017), be listening at 7:20a, 12:20p + 4:20p for when we tell you to give us a call and get yourself qualified for Dream Getaway #26!

YOU decide WHERE you’re going; YOU decide WHO’S going with you and YOU decide WHEN you’re going. So, two things I need you to do: 1) Add this number into your phone: 320-257-1037, so that you can just hit speed-dial when you hear that cue-to-call and 2) Start thinking about what you would do with a $4,000 travel voucher from Bursch Travel.

Also if you click RIGHT HERE, you'll be able to get yourself enter to win our online Dream Getaway and double your chances on going to Hawaii, Japan, Spain or whatever your Dream Getaway may be.

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