Everyone has their preferred time of year. Some love the warmth and sun of summer while others enjoy the cozy togetherness that winter holidays bring. Although I happen to be a summer guy in many aspects, when it comes to food and drinks, I’m a fall person all the way.

Yeah, I know pumpkin spice flavored everything can be a little overrated, but it’s not the only fall themed flavor. In fact there are several. When it comes to drinks and beverages that sport the autumn aesthetic, my favorites are always craft beer. There’s always a wide variety of these to try by the time September comes around.



I recently had the opportunity to try “Oktoberfest” by the one and only Surly Brewing. Here’s the run down on this bad boy – at 6% ABV it’s more potent than your average beer, but by Surly’s standards it’s actually quite low considering how many other beers they have that reach a much higher alcohol level.

In my opinion, the variety of malts (Pilsner, Munich, Vienna, Carafoam, and Acidulated) that it has been brewed with make for a complex taste, yet every ingredient seems to complement the next. The Spalt selected hops blend well with the malts. It all comes together for a rich, sweet taste upfront with a dry after-bite.

It’s a little more dense than your typical lighter beverages, but not so much so that it’s not palatable for fans of light beer. It’s something than anyone will be able to enjoy. With summer drawing to an end and fall on the way, “Oktoberfest” is the ideal beverage of the season. I’d recommend this drink to anyone.

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