It's pretty standard practice for tropical themed beers to be released this time of year. Why? Because it's summer! It's the perfect season for all things tropical and exotic. It also happens to be my favorite season, not only because the weather is nice, but also because it's usually the time of year when my favorite beers are released.


Surly brewing has been delivering a line of tropical beverages over the summer, and I recently got to try one of them. I'm talking about the Stunner tropical ale. It fits nicely into their collection of summer time beers as a good mediator between the heavy drinks and the light, easygoing ones.

It sports 6% ABV, which isn't too much, nor too little. It's right where it needs to be to bridge the gap between to the ends of the beer spectrum. It's dry hopped with Amarillo, El Dorado and Mosaic as well, which makes for a full flavored experience, complete with hints of orange, papaya, and mango. It's a solid drink for any time of the year, but it's particularity fitting right now. This bad boy has my blessing. Definitely worth picking up.

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