Not since the late 80s, when I was still in high school, have I heard of anything thing relating to this creepy subject.  Part of me thinks that this sort of thing is coming up because of the time of year... Halloween in a month and a half.  It's topical.  And weird.

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In the late 80s there was a story about some "vampire murders" in St. Cloud.  It had to be one of the creepiest stories I had heard at the time.  Especially here.  I mean how strange do you have to be to do this sort of thing?  Cult?  Apparently not.  Lost Boys movie?  Yep.  I do remember a lot of people just loving that movie.  It's a pretty strange movie with a great cast.  But that is all that I thought of it.  Some others.. well maybe more.

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Now, a couple of decades later, there is this strange study that says that possibly drinking blood from someone younger than you might actually be good for you???  Well, that might actually be a bit of a stretch.  However, the study does suggest that putting the plasma from a teenager into an older person does have some health benefits.  Drinking the blood?  Nah.... not yet, anyway.