There are certain events in life that might steer you in the direction of reevaluating your lifestyle. This may be the case for this Minneapolis man.  He must have been hammered when he initially parked it for the night. So, there's that


So, this guy named Luke was out having a good time in North Minneapolis.  Maybe, too good of a time because he decided to park his car and catch a ride home with a friend. Neither he nor his friend that drove him home can recall where he left his car. Which makes me wonder how drunk was the person that gave him a ride?

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Luke put up a sign all over North Minneapolis in an effort to locate his car. It's a 2007 Toyota Camry and he remembers leaving his car on a residential street somewhere in the north of the county. This makes the search area about 600 square miles. No problem.

The sign he plastered all over North Minneapolis said  "I may have saved your life or your child's . . . but now I can't find my car."

People on the internet are torn on whether to help this guy out or not. Although he exhibited some responsibility by parking his car and catching a ride with a friend, It appears as if he probably drove drunk before deciding it wasn't a good idea to continue his drunken cruise home.

The sign says to contact Luke or Melissa and a reward is offered to whomever finds Luke's car.  No mention of how much the reward might be, though.


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