Honestly, do people really have nothing better to do with their time?  But then again, here I am talking about what those people found, while wondering if they have anything better to do with their time.   Pot, meet kettle.


But anyhoo- this is the debate: Are Oreo cookies dark brown or black?  Seriously, that is the debate.  My first instinct is to say that they are brown.  They are chocolate cookies, and they are made of cocoa, which is definitely brown.  But they are considered black maybe because the cocoa used has alkali, which is the black cocoa powder.

So, I guess it could be either, right?  I'm still going with dark brown, because just because it's made "with" something doesn't mean that it IS that thing... right?  And if you followed that line of thinking, bravo!  You deserve a medal... or maybe a cookie.  But not those "blond" ones, those are kind of gross.  And Oreos are my favorite cookie!

They're brown.

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