The music/concert/live events have been so unpredictable over the past year.  There hasn't really been anything going on, and besides bars, restaurants, and social events, the live event industry has been hit the hardest.  We haven't seen any live music to speak of in almost a year.  There have been a few bar shows that have happened, but it's been few and far between and mostly outdoors.

George Rose, Getty Images
George Rose, Getty Images

Now, with the new restriction recommendations, it looks like that industry is on the way back to life.  Shows that have been postponed indefinitely have been put back on the schedule, and hopefully we will be able to add more as the weeks/months move on and positive COVID cases keep on the decline.

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The Eagles tour has been moved twice. They were scheduled to play at the Xcel Energy Center last April.  Then that was moved to last October, then moved again to this coming October.  So far, that date is still on the books.  Eagles are booked right now for the 1st and 2nd of October of THIS YEAR!  Yay!  Some of the other musical events that were scheduled for June have been pushed further out. Looks like the earliest music event is July at the Xcel.  

They do have some safety protocols that are still in place, and no word on when or if that will be changing.  Right now you will need to wear a mask, do not bring a handbag, only use debit or credit card, no cash will be accepted.  You will be expected to social distance, so no congregating.  Now sure how they are going to keep that one from happening, but they will try.  And also please stay home if you are feeling ill.

But, at least we are on the way to better things and more normalcy.

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