We use one or both multiple times a day in the radio business. While the "over the ear" headphones may still be the most popular, the earbud is starting a trend. Now that almost everyone has a phone with a headset, an ipod with music and a computer with gazillion forms of playable media, it's time to choose...

Earbuds or Headphones??

Earbuds are stylish and surprisingly powerful. Artists like Lady Gaga and Sean 'Diddy' Combs have lent their ears to the struggle of the 'comfortability' issue with earbuds. Almost never will you see these in the studio, but 9 times out of 10 you will see them on airplanes and in cars.

Headphones may look bulky, but actually come in some pretty cool styles. The noise cancelling with the 'over the ear' style still make this a club and radio DJ's best friend. Their biggest drawback is the price. Good ones will start at about $200. However, no price is too much to pay when listening to your favorite song or radio station. Check out my man Dr. Dre's collection.

Justin Bieber makes BOTH styles. He is just so smart. (I just can't do the purple)

RCA Computer With Headphones
Look how far we have come. Circa 1980

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