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  • Lately we're hearing about college graduation ceremonies that have some pretty cool celebrities giving commencement speeches - but Fairleigh Dickinson University just got a surprise performance from Bon Jovi. The college won a contest in whichever college wins, they'll get a performance from the band. Well, the entire University didn't know they'd won until after everyone was seated. Some people in the crowd were completely ungrateful though, saying they wished it was a surprise performance from Justin Bieber.
  • One of Jimi Hendrix's famous guitars is about to go on the auction block. It's the guitar he played at Monterey Pop Festival, the Black Pepper Fender Stratocaster. It's going up for auction on June 17th and is expected to take in at least $750,000.
  • We've got the official word that Glenn Frey's son Deacon will be taking his late father's place on stage with The Eagles. There are two festivals where you'll be able to check Deacon out - The Classic East and The Classic West. Glenn Frey died on January 18th of last year.
  • Can you believe that it’s already been 30 years since Motley Crue‘s Girls, Girls, Girls album came out? Well, the band is celebrating this milestone by releasing an anniversary edition this summer. So far we don’t know what’s included in the release, but you’ll be able to get your own on August 25th!

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