Unfortunately, there aren’t many good bands from back in the day that are still active. Occasionally you get an AC/DC or Van Halen that keeps things going, but even those groups didn’t make it through without some collateral damage (lead singer problems – cough cough.)

But not every veteran band falls prey to the whole “rock-star drama” thing. One such band is the one and only – Earth Wind and Fire. Although the band has over 30 members total that have joined and left the band, they never resorted to publicly bashing the reputations of past members (unlike many other bands.)

These guys have been around the block a time or two. They’ve been an active band since 1970. That’s nearly 50 years. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Not to mention they know how to write some funky tunes.

Well it just so happens that these guys happen to be coming to Minnesota in the very near future. Earth Wind and Fire is playing the grand stage at the Minnesota State Fair on August 26th. Their show starts at 7:30 pm and you can get a ticket online now for as cheap as $39.

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