I've been a Van Halen fan since their very first album hit the shelves. They were such a refreshing blast to the rock world. You could always pick up a Eddie Van Halen guitar riff. Eddie has such an original sound. Being a self taught guitarist, he had his own style that skyrocketed Van Halen to stardom.

I was sad to see the TMZ report that Eddie was secretly flying to Germany for treatment for throat cancer. If you remember, in the past, Eddie had a battle with tongue cancer and seemed to be fully recovered.


Eddie has been a heavy smoker for years and combined with his heavy drinking in the past, this may be the result.  I've known others in the past that done that combo and ending up fighting throat or esophageal cancer. Not a good combination.

We are hoping for the best turn out for Eddie. He's given us 40 plus years of great rock and we are not ready to let go of him yet. Only in his mid 60's, he's way too young to go. Hang in there, Eddie and get well soon!

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