Electric Fetus used to be the store in St. Cloud that you could go to and find those "unique" things.  Anything from gift shop type things to deep cut music and albums to new releases, but be assured that you could find that possible one of a kind item in that store.


When the St. Cloud store closed in 2014, I thought it was a sad day  It was one of those "iconic" stores that had been a staple in the downtown area.

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The Duluth store has now closed as well.  The store has been closed since last March, at the beginning of the pandemic. The store had been in business for 33 years.  The announcement was made on their Facebook page:

The Minneapolis location has been open since 1968, is the longest running location and is not the last one standing.  This location is more than just a "record" or music store, they also host live music performances and hope to continue to do so.

In the meantime, the shop promises "exciting things" to come for its Minneapolis location and webstore. The Minneapolis store is planning to hand out 20 percent off punch cards from June 10 through June 30 for three visits in the month of July.

There are several businesses that have had to close because of the pandemic.  Some of them were stuggling before the shut down and just couldn't recover afterwards.  Much of what Electric Fetus does is now available online, or you can visit the remaining store located on 4th Avenue and Franklin in Minneapolis.

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