So, when you were a kid... there may have been some things that you believed that when you grew up, found out how ridiculous it actually was.  I used to think that the music on the radio was actually coming from the artist... like they were actually in the studio.  I couldn't understand how this was possible.  And duh... it isn't.

There are other things that people have thought were actually true and weren't.  Some of the biggest ones are

That gravy was just turkey blood.  The guy behind that one thought it was true until he mentioned it at work when he was 25.  That if you took medicine for a condition you didn't have, it would give you that condition.  Like if you took Benadryl, you'd end up with allergies.   That if you watched a PG-13 movie before you were 13, you'd get arrested. Or if you removed the labels from a mattress or a pillow you would be arrested.  

I actually know of some adults that still believe this.  By the way- it's not true.  And it also says to only be removed if you are the consumer.  You are the consumer- it's fine.