If you are one of those people that like that feeling of the hair standing up on the back of your neck, this just may be for you.  Researcher, author and lecturer, Chad Lewis is doing an online presentation march 9th exploring pretty scary stuff from right here in Minnesota.

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Personally, I shy away from purposely trying to scare myself.  Real life is plenty scary all on it's own. If I ever do feel the need for fear, I just open my mail.

This presentation, in conjunction with the Perham Public Library in Perham, Minnesota, promises a scary night of ghosts, wicked spirits, and deadly poltergeists in this online presentation.

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Chad will take you on a hair raising adventure, visiting some of the most haunted places in Minnesota.  Places like the blood dripping cemetery in Jackson, MN, a haunted bed & breakfast in Wabasha and phantom creatures roaming the woods of Minnesota.

Our great state is full of folklore and many stories and legends both past and present. You'll see photos, case histories and eyewitness accounts of paranormal encounters, as well as, ghost lore and directions to many scary locations in Minnesota. The presentation actually encourages you to visit these hair raising places on your own, if you dare.

You'll discover where you can;

  • See possessed statues come to life
  • pick up a vanishing hitchhiker
  • Get chased by hellhounds.
  • Come face to face with dead gangsters (the best kind in my book)
  • Spend the night in a cursed hotel

For more than 20 years, Lewis has traveled the backroads of America seeking out the strange and unusual. Lewis has appeared on shows like Discovery Channel's "A Haunting". William Shatner's "Weird Or What" and many other national shows.

Once again, the event is Tuesday, March 9th at 6:30 PM.  To get yourself registered fir this event go to www.perhamlibrary.org/

If you need more information you can call the library at 218-346-4892


(Perham Focus)

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