This show was wildly popular from 2003-2012.  One of the last homes that they built was in Moorhead.  Since I lived in the area at the time, it was really cool to see the progress and how this all came together.

I'm excited to see how this will be for this next round of makeover homes.  I did hear a rumor... although who knows if this was an actuality or not... but there were rumors that some of the features that would go into these homes would take so much extra energy, electricity, or were just too expensive to maintain by the family that was awarded the home, that sometimes they needed to move, sell or homes just went into foreclosure anyway.  Many times HGTV would also pay the mortgage for one year.  But after that, what happens?  Taxes have probably gone up, and now a family that may have been having some financial issues is having financial issues once again.


So, I guess that is something they will need to address during this reboot.  The cast hasn't been chosen, or at least hasn't been announced, but it's due to roll again in 2020.

Check out the pictures from the Home in Moorhead....

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