Well, sort of. How about name a rat after your ex and feed it to a snake.  There is a zoo in San Antonio, Texas that is doing just that.


They are allowing people who are a bit salty after a break up to name a rat after your ex, and then you can feed it to a snake... or rather, the zoo people will do this for you.  Oh, thank you.  There is also another option.  You could name a cockroach after your ex and they will feed that to one of the birds.  To each their own, right?

So, even if you don't live in Texas, you can still participate.  They are going to be live-streaming this whole "show" for your viewing enjoyment.

Of course, there is a fee involved as well.  Big surprise.  It's really not to much, however.  The service is $25 for the rat and snake show. The cockroach and bird deal is a bit less at just $5.  You need to act fast.  The deadline for this wonderful little spiteful gesture ends on Thursday, the 13th.

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