Every day I drive through the SCSU campus.  To be more accurate, I drive past Hallenbeck Hall and Husky Stadium every day.  All of last year, the dome remained up due to the pandemic and not being able to social distance.  As they said, there was no way to take down that dome with social distance.  As you can imagine, it's quite an operation to bring that dome down.


Yesterday, April 20, 2021 was finally the day. As I drove past the stadium, I noticed that the view was much more open.  Thinking...what's different?  OH!  The dome is down!  Another sign that we are making steps towards things getting back to more normalcy in this pandemic.

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This was posted on their Facebook page to document the whole operation of taking the dome down.

And by the way, if you do plan to visit campus for any reason, and will be entering any of the campus buildings, you will need a COVID assessment.

This announcement has been pinned on their Facebook page since last year.  So, just to be aware if you are planning to do anything on the SCSU campus that this will be expected.  This does include touring for potential enrollment for the next school season.  College visits have become fairly strange since the pandemic.  You still need to visit campuses, it's just a little weird. We are all very hopeful that this will change sooner than later.

Take a chance to drive by Husky Stadium- the view is much better now.

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