Almost everyone likes pizza, right?  I get some only like cheese pizza and some people thing that there should never be fruit of any kind on a pizza.  I actually like that, but I really have to draw the line at fish sticks.  GROSS!  Why in the world would anyone put fish sticks on a pizza?  That's got to be just as bad, if not worse than anchovies.

This is normal pizza.


Granted, the place that is doing this is in Taiwan.  But it's a Pizza Hut.  Why not just have 2 separate items on the menu?  Maybe someone would want fish sticks as a side... not ON the pizza.  I get that I can be an extremely picky eater.  Like I don't really like butter (there are exceptions) and I don't like fish either.  But I think that even the most advanced palate would admit that fish sticks on pizza is not exactly the most appetizing food item.


Again, I realize this is in Taiwan, but if things are successful with a chain restaurant like Pizza Hut, they tend to move across the pond to this area of the world.  Although I don't see us eating tarantulas or weird things like that here.  Unless that's your choice.....

Here's to normal pizza!!

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