Former Minnesota Viking and lieutenant governor candidate Matt Birk is the center of attention in the Twin Cities due to some recent comments that are putting him in the middle of political wars that have caused some famous area restaurants to take his namesake burger off of their menus, while others are adding his name to the menu list.

Matt is currently the running mate for republican governor candidate Scott Jensen, and recently made some comments that offended some with his statements about abortion, rape, and the role of women in society.

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Matt's comments: "Our culture loudly but also stealthily, promotes abortion. They're  telling women they should look a certain way, they should have careers, all of these things."  He went on to say, "Rape is obviously a horrible thing. But abortion is not going to heal the wounds of that. Two wrongs; it's not going to make it right. One of the arguments I saw probably 20 times online today was about rape. and you know; obviously, they always want to go to the rape card."


Matt Birk seems sincere in his statements, but sincerity or not, his comments, as expected, have caused quite a stir with local restaurants that have for years, featured Matt Birk's name on their menu items.

The Nook and Shamrocks in St. Paul, have recently renamed their Matt Birk Burger, 'The Double Stack Pepperjack Burger.'  The General Manager of Shamrocks, Dan Casper, said that they still love Matt Birk, but they just want people to be able to come out and eat, without having to think about politics.

Where The Nook and Shamrocks are removing the item from the menu, Jameson's Irish Bar in St. Paul will be adding the Matt Birk Burger to their menu on August 7th of this year.


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