Frank Zappa, believe it or not has always been a voice of reason. He shoots straight from the hip and doesn't pull any punches.

In this interview, Frank sums up what went so terribly wrong with music.

Evening Standard, Hulton Archive, Getty Images
Evening Standard, Hulton Archive, Getty Images

When you think back to the sixties and seventies, there was such a wide range of variety in music. CCR, Pink Floyd, Elvis, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Frank Zappa, of course.

The artists back then were different. Record companies, gave them the freedom to do their stuff. If they liked you, they'd sign you and have you put together an album. Then they would put it out on the market and hope it sold. Things go different in the eighties and nineties.

I first really noticed it in the late eighties. Record companies were only signing bands that had the same sound as another already successful band. The Wingers, the Warrants, Poison, etc all had pretty much the same sound.  Then came grunge rock, ushered in by Nirvana, followed by Pearl Jam.

Listen to the Zappa interview and he explains what he thought changed music for the worse.


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