If you were a fan of these chocolate covered Belgian waffles, you are going to be out of luck for this year.


With a strange turn of events for this long time State Fair vendor, this will no longer be in business.  Why?  Well, the owner was going to turn it over to someone else due to some health issues.  The fair says no-go because of "continued involvement" by the previous owner.  The so-called "continued involvement" consisted of an email asking the fair to approve the new ownership.  This seems a bit strange.

I remember, when I was working for a local advertising agency, talking to the current owner about something she wanted to do ahead of the fair.  This was about 13-15 years ago.  This business has been growing since then, and now will be gone.  And can you get these anywhere else?  No.  They are just gone.

The current owner said she just wanted to talk about it basically as a warning to others that this could happen to.


What's your favorite thing at the fair?

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