I used to work in a liquor store and when there was a full moon on a Friday night, sales were through the roof.  Especially on things like tequila and malt liquor.

The July 2018 Lunar Eclipse
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Well tonight (Friday) we will be experiencing a full moon which is also called the Strawberry Moon. Years ago, Native American tribes used the Strawberry Moon to signal it was time to start picking the ripe strawberries.

Tonight's full moon will have a strong colorful orange or yellow tint, caused by the low shallow path the moon takes. According to AccuWeather, St Cloud area skies should be mostly clear tonight for your viewing pleasure.

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The moon will appear larger. It's what they call a "moon illusion".  Your brain sees things close to the horizon as larger giving it an optical illusion, making the moon appear larger.

Best views of the Strawberry Moon will be in the Eastern part of the sky at moon rise.  this is the sixth full moon this year. Don't worry, if you miss it there are seven more to come before the end of the year.

So, if you are not busy with something more important, grab some friends and watch the Strawberry Moon over the Minnesota skies. You can spout all these Strawberry Moon facts and impress (or bore) your friends and neighbors with your brilliant insights.



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