Despite the re-open date for Minnesota restaurants, bars, breweries and other close-contact businesses drawing nearer, the outlook for many in the dining and hospitality business is still grim.

Yesterday, the city of Alexandria held a very literal funeral procession -- complete with hearse -- for their local restaurant and hospitality businesses. Copper Trail Brewing Company shared a 30-minute video to Facebook that shows demonstrators marching, dressed in black and carrying signs that read "Death of Minnesota Restaurants."

"Just about every restaurant in Alexandria showed up to the funeral procession today," Copper Trail Brewing Co. captioned the video. "One month from now, in its current state, about half of these restaurants won't be in business."

The brewery -- which opened its original doors in December 2016 and just expanded into a bigger and beautiful new taproom in downtown Alexandria in September 2019 -- encouraged viewers to contact local representatives. "We can be as safe," they say of opening without the restrictive guidelines implemented by Governor Walz, "if not safer, than all of the other businesses that are already able to be open. Let us survive."

In the video, a group of demonstrators march down Broadway Street and rally at the giant statue of Big Ole the Viking. Just about every restaurant in Alexandria showed up, said Copper Trail Brewing Co. Over the course of 30 minutes, various local figures speak out for change and share stories of camaraderie and good-will within the local businesses.

Per Governor Walz, Minnesota's close-contact businesses including restaurants, bars and breweries will be able to re-open Monday, June 1 within guidelines. Those guidelines include a limit to outdoor seating and service only and 50-person capacity by reservation or appointment only. Many fear that still won't be enough for sustainability.

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