I had the opportunity to go to the Elton John show at the T Mobile Arena in Vegas while I was there last week.  It was amazing.

In this business, I do have the opportunity to go to quite a few concerts.  So I feel like I can say this with some authority... I made the comment to my husband that when you are a legend, and you are this iconic, you don't need a bunch of extra production to make a concert or show good.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw


Don't get me wrong, there was some production, of course, but it wasn't like some of the shows that I have seen with flying trapeze, floating stages, crazy pyrotechnics, or anything like that.  Elton John played at his piano and sang the songs that we all know and love.  For the most part.

He also told stories, about how he and Bernie would come up with some of these songs.  Some had to do with things that were going on in Elton John's life, and sometimes it was Bernie's life told in the lyrics.

The show went on for just over 2 hours.  It was amazing.. worth every penny.