Lynyrd Skynyrd co-founder Gary Rossington will step outside the band later this year with Take It on Faith, the debut offering from his Rossington side project.

Due Nov. 4, the album finds Rossington working alongside his wife Dale, whose voice is familiar to Skynyrd fans through her years as a backing vocalist for the group — as well as her tenure in the Rossington-Collins Band in the early '80s and the Rossington Band later in the decade. According to the press release announcing Take It on Faith, neither Rossington gave much thought to pursuing musical activity outside the band after its late-'80s reunion.

"We do meet and greets every night when we’re on tour, and fans just kept asking us if we were ever going to do anything again, and we kept saying no," explained Gary. "But even the Skynyrd band would say during those meet and greets, ‘Hey, go do something — the fans want to hear it.’ Finally, we thought, ‘Well, let’s just do it.’"

The project, produced by David Z, came together slowly — former Little Feat member Richie Hayward, who died in 2010, contributed drums — but the duo's slow and steady approach has finally paid off. "Right now, we consider it a gift to the fans. We did it for them, and I hope they like it," added Gary. "They asked us to do something again, so we did it. We seized that opportunity, and ran with it. And we’re real excited it’s finally coming out."

Rossington, 'Take It on Faith' Track Listing
"Highway of Love"
"I Should’ve Known"
"Take It On Faith"
"Light a Candle"
"Dance While You’re Cookin’"
"Shame On Me"
"Good Side of Good"
"Through My Eyes"
"Something Fishy"
"Too Many Rainy Days"
"Where Did Love Go"
"Two Very Different Things"

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