WTF is wrong with some people?  There are people in this country that think it's funny to post pictures online of themselves kneeling on someone's neck.  You know, the way the Minneapolis cop kneeled on George Floyd's neck and killed him.


I saw several of these pictures posted online this morning and it sickened me.  How could this be funny to anybody. I realize some people, with screwed up brains, think stuff like this is funny.  What disturbs and scares me is several people can get together and decide this is a good idea.

And it's not just kids that are taking part in this. Grown adults are posting their "Challenge" pictures online.

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How could a rational mind find this funny in any way. An innocent man, father, husband and citizen of this country murdered by police. Nothing funny or even entertaining about this.

As far as I can tell, this just started in the last few days.  Evidently, Tide pods didn't finish off all these idiots. I tend to think if any of these heartless a-holes ever decided to blow their brains out, they'd have to be a pretty good shot.

I've been around awhile and little did I realize the amount of cruel, heartless and racist that dwell in this country. Saddens me to think that these people walk among us.

This George Floyd Challenge must be stopped.  Yeah I know, free speech, right?  But what happened to common decency and respect?

Let's all hope this country can recover from this madness, lately.



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