It's been 7 months of this pandemic... 7 MONTHS, people!  We are still dealing with this virus.  And honestly, I'm not sure we will ever go back to anything totally normal. As in normal, being what it  was like prior to the pandemic . I think that people will still be concerned about contamination of anything.  We are all turning into the most famous germaphobe, Howie Mandel.

PHOTO: blake Wisz@blakewisz
blake Wisz@blakewisz

There were always  the wipes available for you to wipe down the shopping cart handle, but not all of us used them on a regular basis.  I will admit that it was an occasional thing for me.  Now, I wait until they have been cleaned, and if there isn't an attendant there doing it (there usually is) I will for sure do it myself.  But I think that will become the norm in the future.

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I used to think the germiest thing was the shopping cart.  After all, there are many shoppers touching that thing multiple times, kids hanging on it, and whatever else may come into contact with that thing.  Turns out, that's not it.  It's actually the credit card pin pads!  Yuck!  Now some stores do wipe those off after every use.  But what I have noticed is that it's just covered with some plastic wrap, and not changed inbetween each customer.  So, what good does that do?  Now, I get that you can't spray some disinfectant on after each use, but you could change out the plastic on it each time.  Time consuming, absolutely.  An inconvenience, for sure!  But would it help out?  Probably.  Honestly, I usually try and only touch that thing with my fingernail, not my actual finger.  As David and Alexis would say... "eeewwww"!

Maybe the solution is to carry around some of your own wipes and clean off that thing before you use it. You might look like a freak, but at least it would be clean.

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