For the last 5 years Olive Garden has been running a promotion called the "Never Ending Pasta Pass' where you pay $100 and get unlimited pasta, salad and bread sticks for 9 weeks. Not a bad deal.

This Thursday, Olive Garden's "Never Ending Pasta Passes" will go on sale at 24,000 of them will be available for $100 but wait, the first 50 customers to buy one will get the option to upgrade to Lifetime Pasta Pass for an additional $400


So, $500 total you can scarf down all the Olive Garden you want for life. According to terms and conditions, your pass  "expires upon death".

If you're interested in obtaining one of these passes, yu have to be fast, and lucky. They go on sale this Thursday at 1 PM Central.  these passes usually sell out in seconds, that's right, seconds.

Good luck!


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