I did one of those "Get to Know Me!" survey things a few years ago and it popped up on my Facebook memories thing. Here are some highlights:


1) My first job was as a dishwasher.

2) I had a job in a deli that transferred me to the bakery because the deli was going to fire me.

3) I was in a band that had employed Kid Rock's drummer (but did so long before I was in the band).

4) I got schwasted with Skid Row in the annals of Target Center.

5) I got kicked out of the same college twice; the second time for the shenanigans I did 15 years prior that got me kicked out of college the first time. I remain 2.9 credits (1 elective) from a degree.


6) My 21st birthday was spent around people I barely knew in Auburn, California. I drank 2 Michelob lagers.

7) My brakes went out going down a hill in San Francisco.

8) Earlier that day I saw James Earl Jones walking on the sidewalk.

9) My first bar fight was with a then (and immediately after...former) bass player in a band I was in.

10) I didn't get drunk until I was 19. (Been making up for it ever since)

12) I had hair down to my ass for years. The night before Moondance Jam years ago I saw that the forecast was to be in the 100's for the entire festival, so I shaved it all off.

13) Yes, all.

14) I'm a bourbon man. Scotch does nothing for me. Rye is gross. Irish whiskey is a close second.

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