I'm torn on supporting the girl scouts versus supporting my bank account. Here's how prices have gone up through the years.

  • 1920's - sold for 25 to 35 cents per dozen.
  • 1950's - sold for 50 cents per box.
  • 1960's - 75 cents per box.
  • 1970's - $1.25 per box, almost doubled in a decade.
  • 1980's - $2.00 per box.
  • 1990's - $2.50 per box
  • 2000's - $3.00 per box.
  • 2010's - $4.00 per box.

Understand that the Girl Scouts get just over 90 cents for each $5 box they sell. The rest goes to everybody else involved.

We used to keep tons of boxes in the freezer and we were everybody's best friend. With this price now, I'm holding my thin mints close. I know I'll but some with the new price this year, but won't be buying nearly as much and I'll probably lose some friends because of that.

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