Seriously- if you haven't checked out the adoptable pets at the Tri-County Humane Society, you are missing out!

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM- St. Cloud
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM- St. Cloud

Kate stops in each Tuesday morning with another pet looking for their forever home.  Today she brought in Gizmo.  She looks like she is a Maine Coon, and is about a year old.  She said she wasn't sure what type of cat she was, but we had a Maine Coon when I was a kid, and Gizmo could be her twin.

If you would like an adult cat, this one would be perfect.  She was the most affectionate cat that I have seen.  Super snuggly and wanted to be next to people. This is what I hear from people who supposedly don't like cats- that they aren't people pets.  This one is definitely a people pet.

If you would like to see Gizmo, or any of the other pets that the Humane Society gets in every week- head on over there.  You never know- you may find your next pet in their forever home. Yours!

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