Minnesotans are always looking for ways to live a longer and enjoy more well-being. With long winters, we have to work extra hard to not feel frumpy and depressed. Concerts are the solution, apparently.

According to NME, a behavioral science associate has come up with surprising findings that link longer life to attending music events versus some common exercise practices.

They are saying that psychometric testing and heart-rate tests were given to the participants of the study, with an increase in feelings of self-worth (25%), closeness to others (25%) and mental stimulation (75%) reported when said participants attended a concert event.

It was found that spending 20 minutes at a concert increases your well-being by as much as 21%. Doing this regularly can as much as 9-years onto your life!

Summertime by George
Summertime by George

I'm not sure if they took the stress of trying to get to a concert into account, at least here in Minnesota. I go to very few concerts, just because of the stressful hassle it takes to get there and get back home to Sartell. I'll happily attend some of the many smaller concert events up here, but heading to Xcel or Target Center in the Twin Cities isn't appealing to me, no matter how popular the band. I love Summertime By George as well as some of the larger tent concerts happening in central Minnesota during the warmer months. If that helps add years to our lives, then bring it on.

Next time your kid asks if they can go see a concert, let them go. Doesn't every parent wish for a longer life for their child? ;)

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