If you own stock in Kwell Company, you may have noticed a dip in their sales lately. If you don't know what Kwell is, you've led a pretty pure life or are just purely lucky. Kwell lotions are used, among other things, to cure what is commonly referred to as "crabs".

It appears the pandemic of 2020 had at least one positive thing going for it.  STD's were down a bit for the most part. According to a Minnesota Department of Health release, www.health.state.mn.us/diseases/stds/hcp/reportcard.html, the total number of sexually transmitted diseases was down a whopping 1% from 2019. A total of cases for Minnesota was 33,252.

The syphilis cases were down about 3%, which surprises me considering how damn crazy people have been acting lately. Chlamydia cases were down for the first time since 2009 by about 11% but for some odd reason gonorrhea cases rose by about 27%.  What the hell is going on there?

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One explanation for the drop in reported cases of STD's is that many people may have forgone testing during the pandemic.  I'm sure our medical professionals had better things to tend to than the 'gift that keeps on giving".

Being out of the dating loop for awhile now, catching a venereal disease has pretty much dropped off my list of worries.

Good news is that there was an overall drop by 18% in newly diagnosed HIV infections with 226 cases reported in 2020 and currently about ninety-four hundred Minnesotans are living with HIV/AIDS, according to the State Health Department.

If you remember, they used to run and public service announcement about STD's back in 1969. Check out the video below;

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