Grand Old Day(s) is the unofficial kickoff for the summer season.  If you have ever been to this event- located on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, you know how fun it has always been.  If you aren't familiar, it consists of a lot of food vendors, bands and some crafty type things all along Grand Avenue.  It's always fun... basically like a street fair for a day.

For the first time in 46 years, it has been cancelled.  For something that is normally so popular, one would ask the question... why??

This was the statement made on their Facebook page...

Grand Avenue Business Association interim president Allison Penner-Hurst says that the size of the event and the cost to produce it have both gone up, and the dollars were not coming in for them to produce it successfully this year.

But they would also like to assure everyone that it will be back next year.  So, it's just a one hear hiatus... but it's still kind of sad.

  Time to enjoy Summertime By George!  That lineup has just been announced.