Rule #1, don't ever piss off people that handle your food. Seems simple, right?  I've worked as a waiter and know what cooks can do out of revenge and it's not pretty.

A Tennessee man was arrested on felony charges stemming from an incident were he allegedly dipped his boys, aka testicles in a container of salsa he was delivering to a customer that had ordered online.

Not only did he dip his nads in the salsa, but he also took a video of it and posted it online with a caption ""This is what you get when you give a 30 cent tip for an almost 30 minute drive".


Last week, 31 year old Howard Mathew was arrested and charged with adulteration of food.

Food delivery service, Dinner Delivered, said they have fired the driver and forwarded the details to authorities. He is awaiting his hearing while in jail.

According to the arrest warrant, the company issued a refund for the tainted food, which I'm guessing, was consumed before they know about the double dipping.

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