ST. CLOUD – SCSU In a statement released Wednesday, Gregory said he is stepping down from the Provost duties to spend more time in a family business.

Ten years ago, my wife and best friend of 25 years and I started our second business. At that time, I committed to her that when it became more than a night and weekend job for us to run them, I would step down from my administrative role and transition back to my faculty role. We have hit this point with the businesses a couple of years ago and, although we have been able to maintain the workload over the last couple of years, we have decided it is no longer sustainable.

In addition, after a short sabbatical, he intends to return to teaching chemistry at SCSU.

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Dr. Robbyn Wacker, President of SCSU, said she will follow up with more information on the search for Gregory’s replacement at a later time.

Dr. Gregory’s last day as Provost will be October 14th.

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