St. Cloud State University will be graduating around 800 students next Friday, December 15th.  Jason Woods is the Vice President at SCSU and he joined me on WJON today along with, soon to be graduates Angie Notsch and Ryan Heyer.  Heyer will graduate next week and explained he will immediately move into a role at SCSU as an admissions councilor.  Notsch will graduate this coming spring after completing an accelerated degree working in college admissions.  Notsch already works at St. Cloud State in the admissions department and likes that she can complete this degree while managing being a mom, wife and working full-time.

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Jason Woods, Angie Notsch and Ryan Heyer (photo - Jay Caldwell)
Jason Woods, Angie Notsch and Ryan Heyer (photo - Jay Caldwell)

Woods refers to skills that all students need to acquire at St. Cloud State as "liveable arts".  These include ability to communicate, have emotional intelligence, common sense and technological skills.  Woods says this also includes an ability to think on your feet, and do research.  He says higher education has to continue to adapt to meet the needs of students especially with a smaller pool of students.  Woods believes technology is so important right now and that is why professors bring these skills to the forefront in their classrooms.

SCSU's expects around 1,200 students to graduate in the spring semester.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Jason, Ryan and Angie they are available below.



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