Granted, there are going to be a lot of changes in just about everything, once things loosen up where we live. One of the big changes will be how grocery stores operate.

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A lot of the changes are going to be about the safety and health of the shopper but some changes will address the upswing in online grocery shopping.

Over the last several years, online shopping has increased about 140% every year and will most likely continue to do so. Why?  People would much just have their groceries delivered.  Easy enough.


Here's how online shopping and safety measures will change things at our local supermarkets.

We probably won't go as often as we have in the past. As shoppers use the online option, they may find they are not going to the store as often.

If you utilize the online option more and more, your trips to the store may be just to get certain specialty items. Certain cuts of meat, produce, etc.

The checkout process will be a bit different. I wish i would have invested in the plexiglass industry, because just about every checkout point will have one, if they don't already. And those grocery dividers will be gone. With people in line standing 6 feet apart, putting your stuff up snugly a up against the person ahead of you won't be happening. One person at a time on the conveyor belt.

Stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods will continue to let you bring your own bag but you will have to bag your own groceries for the safety of the of the employees.

So, yes, things will be different.

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