For months we have had people standing at the cart area in grocery stores and big box stores wiping down carts as they are being returned and ready for the next use.  If the cart is not completely dry after wiping it down, it isn't really sanitized.  It takes a few minutes until it's actually clean.  Just wiping it down doesn't do the trick... at first.  But depending on how quickly it's used... it might be fine.  Now, there is a new system being implemented that might help this situation.


IZZA  Manufacturing, located in Buffalo, has developed a cart sanitizing system that will first be implemented into HyVee grocery stores.  The benefit to this system is the it won't just sanitize the high touch areas of the cart, it will actually clean and sanitize the entire cart. And it will be able to do several at a time.  This will be much more efficient and thorough than having an actual person standing there cleaning every cart by hand.

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When I also mentioned the drying situation...that it isn't really completely sanitized until the surface is dry, that is also the beauty of this system.  It not only has a spray that sanitizes, but it has a self-dry system as well.

This system is expected to be rolled out to 200 stores by the middle of November.  If it works as well as we think it will, I'm guessing that it will be in many other stores around the state and country.  This seems like a great idea- pandemic or no- these carts should be sanitized anyway.  It's just a good idea.

The manufacturer is located in Buffalo, and distributed by a company named Ultra Green Packaging.

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