I have to admit, that the National Anthem is a tough song to crank out. There have been some real horrible renditions over the years.

Remember Rosanne Barr attempting to sing it and grabbing her crotch at the end?  Or the many times that actual celebrities forgot the words and just stumbled through.

Recently, Metallica played the National Anthem at a San Francisco Giants game and did a great job,I might say.

Recently, a guy at a minor league baseball game in North Carolina volunteered to stand in and sing the National Anthem when the person scheduled couldn't be there for some reason.


So, this guy gave it his best. He forgot a lot of the words and solicited help from the crowd and pretty much stumbled though it. If you were ever going to take a knee during the anthem, this would be the one. I have to say, it was painful to listen to but he did kind of finish strong.

He did catch some flack but contends he meant no disrespect, he just sucks as a singer. He was trying to help by filling in and apologized to anyone that might have been offended.

Listen for yourself.

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