Wouldn't it be nice to leave your job but the checks keep coming? That would be the best retirement plan ever, unless it was all a mistake and now you're in big trouble.

Ronald Berry was a subway cleaner for MTA in New York.  Ronald had some medical issues and was forced to leave his job. MTA said he was fired but Ronald claims he was not aware that he'd been let go.


So, he would show up every payday and pick up his paycheck. This didn't just happen for a few weeks or a month. It went on for FOUR years! This all added up to the grand sum of almost $250,000. Good gig, huh?

Ronald claims no one told him he was fired and he thought all was legit but MTA claims that wasn't the case.

Well, all good things must come to an end. Ronald was arrested for trespassing the next time he showed up for his paycheck. No word on whether or not he will face charges for fraud.

(NY Post)

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