Imagine, you're on vacation with your wife in the Florida Keys and, on the spur of the moment, you both decide to hit a strip club just for the hell of it.

That's exactly what Chris Sutton and his wife did.  They headed down to a strip club called Woody's and began their adventure.

Well, at some point, the strippers thought it would be fun to pull Chris's wife up on stage. She seemed to be enjoying it , even when the strippers started to undress her. Chris, however, became angry and began to yell at her.


She jumped off stage and left the club. later a customer saw them arguing in the parking lot and stepped in to see if she was alright. Chris took exception to his interfering and punched the guy in the nose.

Cops were called and Chris was arrested for battery. So much for a fun night out at the strip club. I wonder if his wife went back in to raise bail money?

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