Well, not exactly, but this guy was in a bar in Nimrod.  Met a woman, they get to talking and he shares with her that he needs a kidney.  Guess what- she decides to give him one of hers.  How crazy and actually really kind of awesome is that?  

Ian Waldie, Getty Images
Ian Waldie, Getty Images

Kristin Day, from Pine River, met this guy and saw that port on his arm.  So, ya know, you are at a bar, and you just get to chatting with random people while there.  That's totally normal.  He let's her know what is going on with his health and that he's been waiting for a kidney for about 2 years.  So, Day decides that she should give him hers.  Now, a lot of people might think that discussions like this that happen in a bar may not come to fruition,

But this time, everything worked out.  Shows you that there are still very cool and giving people in this world.  Minnesota nice!

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