If you were unfortunate enough to have had a heart attack, you probably think from now on you need to take it easy and avoid putting stress on yourself. Maybe even avoid sex because you fear it may be too strenuous on the ticker.

Well,it seems the opposite is true. University College London did a study and a lot of sex may be just what you need to live a long life

That's right, if you want to live a long life after a heart attack, you should have as much sex as possible.


They studied over a thousand men and women and found that almost 3 decades after their heart attacks, those that had at least 3 romps in the hay a week were 27% less likely to have died. Those who only had sex once a week were 12% less likely to have died.

Researcher are not sure of the physical advantages to lots of sex but they think since a lot of sex signifies a healthy loving relationship, it may be what one needs to stay alive for a long time.

If you are a heart attack survivor, you may want to share this with your spouse in hopes of maybe getting a little more.

(New York Post)

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